Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In memory of my beautiful mother

who passed away five years ago today.It seems like yesterday and forever ago in the same instance.

I miss her hugs. Feeling her soft skin and the sweet smell of her perfume.

I think of her almost daily. Wondering how she was able to raise nine children,
as I struggle to take care of my five boys.

I miss the way our family used to be.
She was the glue that made us stick together.

She was a pillar of strength to the very end,
giving us a pep talk days before she passed away.

I wrote a poem a couple days after she died. I usually don't share my writing,
but it is so applicable today.

A Mother’s Words
Please don’t cry she would say,
I am in a peaceful place to stay.
Today I feel no more pain,
Only my mansion to obtain.
Friends and loved ones came for me,
So much love and joy has set me free.
I will be there to watch over you,
To help my children, grandchildren old and new.
My presence you will feel in your mind and heart,
During those special times to come, I will be a part.
Remember my example and the things that I taught,
Will bring you closer to me in thought.
So when it is answers that you seek,
Pray to hear the whisperings quiet and meek.
You must build your families strong and true,
For it will be the greatest accomplishment you do.
I will be waiting to greet you here,
My love, my child, my little dear.

I miss you Mom!

I love you!


lramey said...

wow...5 years ago? doesn't seem that long ago! She was so great Mary Jane! After my parents moved to Logan, she ALWAYS made a special effort to include me in things, and she was so awesome!!! What a sweet poem! thanks for sharing!!

The Pemberton Family said...

That was beautiful, MJ. Totally made me cry. You are so strong and such a good mother to your 5 boys, she would be very proud of you. I love and miss you!!

Holly and Chris Kneeland said...

That was such an amazing tribute! You are such a strong person with all you have been through! I admire you for your strength!

Shannon said...

I love that, so sweet. Your mom is lucky to have you carry on her legacy by being such an amazing mother to her grandsons. Your incredible with all of your strength, really.

Market Maven said...

Thanks for sharing that! I shared your beautiful poem with a friend of mine that lost her mom as a teen and isn't making the best decisions in her life right now. I hope it touches my friend as it touched me! You're incredible! What an amazing woman you have become :)I'm sure you are making your mom happy and proud!

Thompson Family said...

I haven't been on my blog in forever so i just read this poem and now i am crying, thanks i will have to explain that to all my co-workers, wait most of my co-workers are my family which is your family! That was an amazing poem sweetie! You said it so well and that is SO MOM!
Love yA!